Case History: E-Commerce

Protection of a well-known online store from automated purchase requests made by BOTs
Pluribus One Web Application Security® guarantees an absolute control of traffic data relating to the monitored services. All traffic data, useful for detecting possible threats, is locally stored by the solution, without having to pass your traffic through external or third-party infrastructures to benefit from the monitoring and protection features.
This means that vulnerability information is always confidential and data is always under the customer's control.

For this reason Pluribus One guarantees the privacy and anonymity of its customers in all phases of work and assistance, including the description of the case history.

Business scenario
The (final) customer is one of the main italian distribution chains specializing in consumer electronics and home appliances with hundreds of stores over the territory, and with an online store / website for online sales.

Customer need
The website represents a relevant part of the business with significant growth of e-commerce sales in 2020. To preserve sales through the website, the customer is interested in filtering out traffic generated from bots that could make the website not available to the online consumers.

Anomalies reported before Pluribus One's assistance
As soon as the SONY PlayStation 5 was launched on the market (November 19, 2020), a significant increase in the web traffic was noticed: an automated loop of actions aimed at buying the game console, with a frequency that, on peak days, reached even 70 requests per second; the traffic was even quadrupled (up to 25 million requests per day) compared to the standard. This generated slowdowns and sometimes concrete service interruptions, also frustrating the purchases of other customers interested in other objects.

Key benefits after Pluribus One's assistance
1. Automated detection of malicious bots which may exausth the infrastructure resources.
2. Automated deployment/removal of (Layer 3) Protection rules on the Front-end Firewall to stop bots and attack attempts.
3. Fully automated reporting of the traffic and attack volumes.

Product/service used to support the customer:

Pluribus One Web Application Security®

November 2020 - current

HW requirements of the WAS® installation

8 vCPU – 16GB RAM – 650GB HDD

Connected components
Data Source: Apache HTTP Server

Services to monitor
Number of services
: 11
Requests/day: 8M (up to 25M during the peak season)
Sought retention period: 32 days
Installation architecture before and after

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Article on national newspaper "Il Sole 24 Ore", Wednesday April 7, 2021.

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