Law Enforcement agencies human factor methods and Toolkit for the Security and protection of CROWDs in mass gatherings

LETSCROWD is a project funded by the European Commission
under the HORIZON 2020 Programme.

Europe has suffered many criminal actions and terrorist attacks during mass gatherings, which have great impact on the citizens and the society, in the last few years. LEAs must face this new scenario (it is considered a priority by the European Union), which imposes a multitude of heterogeneous challenges. Hence, the key is to deter, prevent, protect, pursue and effectively respond to criminal and/or terrorist actions, achieving the best possible protection for people gathering in a specific area where particular events are taking place, thus increasing also the sense of security whit the necessary balance between protection and rights of EU citizens. For all these reasons, novel methodologies and tools must be investigated for strategic and operational activities, involving also strong cross-border cooperation and intelligence sharing, and planning solutions for all these issues, where the human and sociological factor is often the key driver. In fact, humans play a key role in every dimension of crowd protection against criminal and terrorist acts: as perpetrators, protectors and victims.
LETSCROWD tries to overcome challenges preventing the effective implementation of the European Security Model (ESM) with regards to mass gatherings. This will be achieved by providing the following to security policy practitioners and in particular, LEAs: (1) A dynamic risk assessment methodology for the protection of crowds during mass gatherings centred on human factors in order to effectively produce policies and deploy adequate solutions. (2) A policy making toolkit for the long-term and strategic decision making of security policy makers, including a database of empirical data, statistics and an analytical tool for security policies modelling, and (3) A set of human centred tools for Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), including real time crowd behaviour forecasting, innovative communication procedures, semantic intelligence applied to social networks and the internet, and novel computer vision techniques.
LETSCROWD is a security practitioner driven project, fostering the communication and cooperation among LEAs, first responders, civil protection and citizens in the fight against crime and terrorism during mass gatherings by a set of cooperation actions. The project puts citizens at the centre of the research and evaluates how security measures affect them, and how they perceive them, while respecting EU fundamental rights. LETSCROWD impact is constantly measured under practical demonstrations involving seven LEAs and relevant emergency services units. In order to facilitate the assessment of the performance, transferability, scalability and large scale deployment of these solutions, the demonstrations are conducted following eleven use cases. The project, lead by ETRA Investigación y Desarrollo S.A. (Spain), is implemented by a consortium of 16 partners, from 8 different countries (including SMEs, universities, LEAs), operating in the critical areas of government, security, energy, finance, transport and utilities. Pluribus One participates as "linked third partner" of UNICA, DIEE, PRA Lab.


Duration: May 2017 - October 2019

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